The PBD 2019 delegate/participant would submit a request forrefund of registration fees by sending an email to giving hisfull name, registration number allotted at the time of making payment, amountpaid, date of registration and his bank account details. Copy of online paymentreceipt to be enclosed.

All online refund requests received by the Ministry ofExternal Affairs up to 15 November 2018, would be processed by the PBDSecretariat.

After verifying the online payment made by the concerned PBDdelegate for his/her registration and concerned bank of whose payment gatewaywas used for making payment, the PBD Secretariat would approach the AccountsDepartment of the Ministry of External Affairs for approval for refund of 50%registration fees. Thereafter, Ministry will advise concerned bank to remit therefund amount to the concerned PBD delegate/participant’s bank account.

It is mandatory that name, address of PBD delegate should besimilar in the bank account in which refund amount has to be credited;otherwise it may lead to case of no refund by the bank.

Requests for refund like

  • not travelled to India
  • Registered and paid for 2/3 days and attendedPBD for 1/2 days will not be entertained

Service tax levied by the concerned bank for remitting therefund amount to the concerned PBD delegate/Participant would be borne by theMinistry of External Affairs.